>>> Our Artistic Works and Memorials <<<

"Praise God" Bell Tower

September 1985
To the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Henry and Elizabeth Behnke
A. Lincoln Koenig
and Mary B. Ehret
by Family and Friends
Design: Frederick W. Nilsson
Construction: John H. Behnke, Sr.

Our Praying Hands bell tower is the centerpiece of our Serenity Garden. The tower (solid redwood hands clasping a church bell) was constructed in 1985 by John Behnke Sr., John Behnke Jr., and Allan Koenig in accordance with the design by Fred Nilsson. The bell which it holds had been in storage for years after being removed from the bell tower of the original church.


"Catch the Spirit" Time Capsule

Embedded in one leg behind the plaque which reads:

Commemorating Zion's 100 Years of
Serving and Praising our Lord
Dedicated May 21, 2000
Not to be opened until
May, 2100

Christ, The Living Word
Copper Relief

October, 1984
by Charles S. Vukovich
To the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Charles and Henry Widony
and Peggy Widony

This 3-dimensional copper relief at Zion's front entrance was unveiled and dedicated on Reformation Day in October of 1984. The work was commissioned in honor of the 400th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther.

The Resurrection

A Work of Art by
Charles Blaze Vukovich
dedicated to God's Glory
in Loving Memory of
Catherine E. Dunn
by family and friends
September 7, 1986

Location: above door in rear entry passage


Dedicated to the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Knut Eric and Lucie Nilsson
September 1996

Designed and constructed by Fred Nilsson
Location: Front Porch
Donated by: Tinni & Fred Nilsson


Dedicated to the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Frederick F. Widony

Location: Next to rear entrance
Donated by: Joseph C. Widony

Passaic Street Cross and Bulletin Board

In Memory and Honor of
SGT John Mendez
Killed in Action in Viet Nam
February 13th, 1969
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Mendez
July 1974

Location: entrance to Passaic Street parking lot


Missouri Synod Cross
Dedicated to the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
Elmer Rieck
Location: Rear wall of church
Donated by: Fred Nilsson


Over the years, a number of banners have been sewn by various members of the church to commemorate various seasons or occasions. On a rotating basis, one of the banners is displayed at the front of the nave. The remaining banners grace the walls of our multipurpose room adding to the beauty and hominess of the room. 

Easter Cross

Each year during the Easter season, our Nave is adorned with our Easter Cross. Although barren for the Lenten season, it comes to life as it is festively decorated for the Easter morning.