>>> Our Facilities <<<

Our current church was constructed in two phases.

The central part was built in 1955-1956 with dedication ceremonies taking place in March of 1956. Beneath the nave were a kitchen, a multipurpose room, the pastor's office, and a kindergarten room. Sunday School classes were held in partitioned areas of the multipurpose room as well as up the street at the former church, then designated as Parish Hall.

By 1978, expansion became necessary with plans drawn up to add Sunday School classrooms, a fellowship hall, a narthex/lounge, and administrative offices, while the area beneath the nave would be converted to classrooms. However, site approvals and funding commitments delayed actual groundbreaking until May, 1981. Construction took a little more than a year with dedication ceremonies being held  in September of 1982.

In October of 1995, an elevator was installed and dedicated to make Zion a barrier-free facility.

Our Nave consists of a center isle separating two banks of pews. The altar originally was located on the front wall, but in 1989, chancel renovations commenced for the installation of our new Moeller organ. These renovations included the conversion to the free-standing central altar arrangement we have today.

At the front and on both sides of the nave are our beautiful stained glass windows. They are pictured and described separately for those people interested in learning more about them.

Zion is also blessed with many unique works of art in and around the church. These too are pictured and described separately.

Zion takes great pride in the musical instruments available within the nave. Chief among them is the Moeller pipe organ which graces the front of the nave. Besides the role it plays to lead the congregation during worship, it has been employed during many enjoyable concerts drawing members of the community to our facility.

Zion is also fortunate to have a Yamaha Clavinova adjacent to the organ thereby providing a wonderfully diverse musical atmosphere.

The multipurpose room provides a large area for gatherings of all types, from basketball games and aerobics to sea scout meetings and dances, from craft fairs and quilting sessions to vacation bible school sessions and fish & chip dinners. 
At the heart of our Serenity Garden area is the Praying Hands bell tower constructed in 1985, which serves as the platform for the church bell from our original church building. This bell is rung shortly before each service as a call to worship. 

The surrounding garden provides a peaceful area for thought and prayer. In 1999, a portion of the garden was dedicated as the Butterfly Garden in honor and memory of Dr. Margaret Kakosh.