>>> Handicap Access <<<

Zion is proud to be fully handicap accessible. However, you can facilitate your access to the church by keeping the following in mind:
If you are coming to Zion to join us for a church service or to meet with the Pastor or secretary in their offices, those areas of the church are on the upper level. While Zion faces East Pleasant Avenue, there is a parking lot at the rear of the church which may be entered from Passaic Street opposite Golf Avenue. That parking lot is at a level which will allow you to enter the church via a level ramp.
If you are coming to the church to attend an event which will take place in our all purpose room (gymnasium), you should park in the lot which is to the right of the church on the Pleasant Avenue (main entrance) side. If you have a handicap sticker, you can park in the driveway at the left front of the church. The entrance to the lower level is to the left of the main stairs behind the cross.
Zion is also proud that it has an elevator which will allow you to move between levels for any activity which uses both upper and lower facilities, or if you enter on the wrong level.